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Information on HTML Forms

This webpage provides a brief overview of HTML Forms and what you can put on them with this wizard & information on validating the data.

Form Button

There is either one or two buttons at the bottom of the form. A submit button is the most important as this sends the data to either a PHP script or to your email program. In some PHP forms the submit button can be an image, but this generator cannot create these type of buttons.

The clear button clears the data in the form. The use of this button is a bit obsolete, but still can be used. Any text can be included in the form buttons.

Parts of a HTML form

Table ElementSampleDetails
Edit BoxUsed for inputting small amounts of text
Password BoxUsed for inputting passwords
Drop Down MenuUsed for selecting a small number of options
Multi-line TextUsed for inputting small amounts of text
Radio Button
Used for selecting a small number of options
Check Box
Used for a small number of Yes/No options
Hidden FieldUsed for hiding small amounts of text


Included in this generator for generating HTML code is the option to generate the computer code for validation.

There are two types of validation, client side or server side

Validation TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Client SideQuick, instant feedback of errorsNot 100% foolproof, a user could save a webpage to their hard disk, then remove the validation code, then send the data through
Server Side100% chance of checking input is error free1) Slow in checking errors, may have to wait several seconds
2) Slightly harder to implement

This generator uses client side validation.

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