HTML/PHP Form Generator

Information on PHP Scripts

This webpage provides a brief overview of the PHP Script generated with this website.

Where does the input go

With the input which gets processed by a PHP can up to 3 different destinations

  • The input can be displayed in a webpage
  • The data can be sent by email
  • The data can be put into a database

This generator sends the data by email, and displays the data from a form into a webpage.

Information on the data sent by email

The email which is sent is sent in the plain text format to the email address you have specified. Though the formatting of this is not as professional looking as the HTML format, the advantage here is that is can be read by virtually every program or portable device that supports email. The information comprises of each variable and its corresponding value.

Information on the data displayed on the screen

Each variable and its corresponding value is displayed in a table in your webpage.

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