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Need help programming? Unsure how to setup an online database? Require more programming than this website can achieve?

I'm Paul Roberts, the web developer behind this website. I'm also a professional programmer with many years experience in both PHP/MySQL/Javacript and Windows programming.

Unlike many others, I have a passion for explaining things in plain English with none of those confusing acronyms.

I would like to work with you to find out your programming requirements, but not only meet those needs but exceed this.

Please see a list of my main skill areas:

PHP Programming

  • Forms and processing
  • Integration with databases
  • Dynamic images - bar charts, pie charts etc
  • Email programming
  • File uploads

MySQL Database

  • Database setup
  • Importing/Exporting data
  • Customized searches for data


  • Validation (checking for forms)
  • Instant feedback through data filled through forms

Windows programming (Delphi)

  • Commercial software development
  • Multi dialog box programming
  • Complex problem solving

A few examples

Online examples:

Windows examples:

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