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Deck design plans NZ

Disclaimer: Whilst this website contains a lot of information on the design of decks which has been produced with the highest level of professional care, ROBO Deck Designer, ROBO Design Solutions or Paul Roberts (the developer of this website) does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this website. This website is intended as a guide only, please refer to the New Zealand building code for the appropriate regulations.

NZ Deck Design Plans | ROBO Deck Designer

This ROBO Deck Designer makes the creation of NZ deck plan drawings a breeze. By clicking on the form controls with this website it is possible to create a working deck plan drawing of a deck within minutes with a complete list of materials. By using this service you can create a working deck drawing with limited design knowledge to New Zealand (NZ) regulations.

I accept the terms & Conditions of this website

How the ROBO Deck Designer works

This online generator will guide you through a series of dialog boxes which gather the required information for your deck plan. Each question is in plain English without the fancy jargon. There is constant feedback with the deck plan being displayed on the right of the webpages.

Technical limitations for the ROBO Deck Designer

The online ROBO Deck Designer/wizard cannot create every conceivable design, for example there are these limits with this website:

  • You can't create complicated designs other the designs pre-programmed into the website
  • You can't create multi level designs

You can't create every type of deck online, but in a large majority of cases the ROBO Deck Designer will should meet your needs with a quick easy to understand interface which is free. Each deck will come up with a preview note, unless you want to go ahead and purchase the design.

Terms of use

This website is to be used on an "as is" basis for the free preview drawings only. There is no warranty that the drawings generated using the ROBO Deck Designer will meet local and national requirements for the free preview drawings, though we will try our hardest to ensure this will happen. It is a condition that by using the ROBO Deck Designer and ROBO Design Solutions (the developer of this website) shall not be liable for any damages incurred from using this website or from any document created through this. For more details see our website on the Legal Information

Latest Change(s)

13/1/22 - I've just added a new video to You Tube: The Anatomy of a Deck - all about the different parts and materials that make up a deck.

6/12/21 - Just a latest update here. I've made a few very minor changes to the ROBO Deck Designer. The biggest one was to resolve a problem with the web server being changed a few weeks ago. The preview page sometimes was very slow loading and is now fixed. The other change is I have added another video to YouTube - Can you build a deck yourself

September 2021 - The entire website has been redesigned to offer more informational pages.

23/9/21 - Sorry the site has been down for two days, due to some urgent maintenance due to an update to the PHP programming language.

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The ROBO Deck Designer is free to use for previews

There is no cost to use the ROBO Deck Designer for preview drawings, even for multiple times, though if you decide to go ahead with and purchase the drawing there is a cost of $199.00 + GST or $239.00 + GST if you require assistance with the site plans. You can pass this website onto other friends and colleagues.
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