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Site Plans using ROBO Deck Designer

One of the advantages of ROBO Deck Designer is that it is possible to create site drawings for your deck. This powerful function enables complex house shapes with up to 30 sides and sites with up to 16 boundary lengths. It is also possible to position your house and deck on the site plan and label the street(s). With the house shape it is possible to use one of 37 different pre-programmed house shapes or to create a custom house shape.

When adding a site plan the following steps are undertaken:

  • 1 Whether to create a site plan now or later.
  • 2 Choosing a pre-programmed house shape (if one is suitable).
  • 3 Choosing units for the house shape and no. of boundaries (if applicable).
  • 4 Adding the details for the house shape. Depending on which option taken from the pre-programmed house shape this webpage will be different. If "None of these" is selected from the house shape in no. 2 above then a webpage for a customised house shape will appear.
  • 5 Confirmation of the house shape.
  • 6 The site layout units and no. of boundaries.
  • 7 The boundary details - distances and bearings.
  • 8 Confirmation of the boundary details.
  • 9 Entering the street names on the exterior of the property.
  • 10 Selecting which boundaries face a street.
  • 11 Confirmation of the site plan with the street information.
  • 12 Entering the details of the house relative to the site plan.
  • 13 Confirmation of the house relative to the site plan.
  • 14 Choosing if there are any addition outbuildings.

Please note there is an excellent video on the ROBO Deck Designer Youtube channel at which takes you through the process for creating a siteplan.

Please Note Also

The ROBO Deck Designer is constantly improved on a regular basis. Therefore the images shown on this webpage may be outdated.

step13 - site plan details
step14 - house shape
step15 - house dimension units
step16 - house dimensions
step17 - house preview
step18 - site layout units
step19 - site layout
step20 - site preview
step21 - road details
step22 - road details
step23 - site preview
step24 - house location on site
step25 - site preview
step26 - additional buildings on site

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