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Low Decks (400-700mm High)

The following low decks can be designed using ROBO Deck Designer. Please note some of the decks are only for heights of 400 & 500mm and with all decks mirror image decks can also be created. It is every intention to add more decks in the future.

006 Series:

Low Decks - 006 Series

002 Series:

Low Decks - 002 Series

003 Series:

Low Decks - 003 Series

004 Series:

Low Decks - 004 Series

005 Series:

Low Decks - 005 Series

009 Series:

Low Decks - 009 Series

010 Series:

Low Decks - 010 Series

To access the online wizard to develop a set of deck drawings listed above, please go to the home page by clicking here

Disclaimer: Whilst this website contains a lot of information on the design of decks which has been produced with the highest level of professional care, ROBO Deck Designer, ROBO Design Solutions or Paul Roberts (the developer of this website) does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this website. This website is intended as a guide only, please refer to the New Zealand building code for the appropriate regulations.

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